Personal Gentoo Portage Overlay

Here it is. Okay, currently it’s empty but there are some upcoming cool multimedia packages for Gentoo users. Currently I’m working on Blender 2.74 and the 2D animation tool Synfig Studio. And maybe ebuilds for some commercial tools like Spine, Unreal Engine or NUKE Studio are possible as well. This repo combined with the Gentoo Portage Tree should convert your workstation into an up2date multimedia machine.

Use the overlay with Layman

It’s easy to use my repo with Layman. Simply type

# layman -o -f -a d3v0x-overlay

And thats it. Check out the repo at GitHub here

Hello, World!

Yeah, works. Back in 1974 the book The C Programming Language… err… I think you know what I mean. But we’re not in C neither in B. Currently this blog is not a real C application but under the hood it’s C, C++ and JavaScript. Yes, it’s JavaScript. An io.js (originally based on Node.js) powered blog engine called Hexo. Running within a Docker container. And Docker in running within a virtual machine powered by Gentoo. This is the current setup. Within the next weeks I’ll post some great news about Linux, Open Source, various (multimedia) software and - of course - my own projects here so be sure you subscribed to the RSS-Feed or follow me on Google+.